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Atty. Gen. Hood: Google a Portal for Illegal Goods

JACKSON, Miss.–Google, a tool used by millions world-wide as the leading search engine on the internet, is apparently an excellent place to find counterfeit goods and illegal prescription medicines and imitations. That’s what Mississippi’s attorney general said when he called the online company out Thursday.

He’s created a division withing the attorney general’s office to fight counterfeiting and piracy, but now Jim Hood says he wants Google to take responsibility for leading Mississippians to fakes and dangerous medicine imitations, with just a few key strokes.

“On every check we have made, Google’s search engine gave us easy access to illegal goods including websites which offer dangerous drugs without a prescription, counterfeit goods of every description, and infringing copies of movies, music, software and games,” said Hood in a news release. “This behavior means that Google is putting consumers at risk and facilitating wrongdoing, all while profiting handsomely from illegal behavior.

He is now joining his attorney general counterparts in other states to lead the way in demanding Google change the way searches happen when you type in a keyword.

Hood is co-chair of the National Association of Attorneys General Intellectual Property Committee and that group wants Google’s chief exec. to come to a meeting in Boston June 18 to discuss the matter. No word on whether Larry Page has RSVP’d.

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