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Avoid flood cleanup health hazards

The Mississippi Department of Health has released information on how to avoid various health risks when cleaning up after the recent and ongoing flooding events.

MDH warns that before cleanup starts, you’ll need to be sure there are no gas leaks or electrical problems. One misstep in the presence of electrical or gas issues could lead to tragedy. Second, watch for debris when you’re driving up that once-flooded road. Finally, report any downed power lines and don’t try to remove them yourself.

Once you’re prepared for clean up, cover up if you’ll be touching areas where flood waters have been, and be sure to wash your hands. Flooding can often pull up waste from nearby sewage. Don’t let the kids play with toys that have been in contact with flood water. You’ll need to sanitize them with a cup of bleach to one gallon of water. To prevent molding walls, wash them down with soap and water, then disinfect them with the bleach water mixture.

Keep in mind that floodwaters can pack a current, and one mistake could have you under the water in the blink of the eye. That’s why the MDH says keep yourself and small children out of flood water.


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