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Be Aware of Unauthorized Alarm Salesmen

JACKSON, Miss. – You may be looking to update your alarms at your house, but you need to watch out for unauthorized alarm system salesmen.

Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney is warning people to check who they’re buying alarms from.

“Every year around this time we see an increase in reports of unauthorized individuals selling alarm systems in the area.  If someone comes to your door trying to sell an alarm system, ask to see their license and photo ID issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office,” Chaney said.

The sale, installation and monitoring of all residential alarm systems in Mississippi have to be regulated by the Mississippi State Fire Marshal’s Office under specific guidelines.

Always double check with your alarm company before going forward with any alarm system from a door-to-door salesman.

Chaney added that if the individual is unable to produce such an ID, that person may not be licensed or authorized to operate in the state and should be reported to the State Fire Marshal at 1-888-648-0877 or 601-359-1061.  If the individual acts in a suspicious manner you should contact local law enforcement authorities.  If the individual is in a vehicle, write down and report the license tag number.

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