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Back to School: Tips to nail a nutritional breakfast

JACKSON, MISS—New studies show that eating breakfast leads to better performance in school.

“Kids who get breakfast get better grades,” Registered dietitian Rebecca Turner said. “And better test scores, specifically on math and reading.”

Students who eat a balanced breakfast have also required less disciplinary action.

“They’re more attentive, less likely to be in trouble,” said Turner. “And just likely to be in a better state of well-being while at school.”

A balanced breakfast may sound like something that is hard to achieve on a school morning, but that balance does not require a buffet-style meal.

“Really you just want to nab three of the five food groups,” said Turner. “And you can do that and get out the door.”

With little planning and prep, getting the nutrients is easy.

“Just take a whole wheat muffin, a slab of peanut butter, and some cold milk,” said Turner. “Or you can some Greek yogurt, nail it with some berries and top it with granola.. put that in a sealed container and you’ve got a balanced breakfast for the whole family, then out the door.”

If the morning rush makes it impossible to get everything done before the kids have to get to school, there is another option.

“If you don’t have time to get breakfast together,” said Turner. “Just be sure to get the kids to school in time for the breakfast program there. They’ve made strides in providing a really balanced breakfast before class.”

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