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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a New Bill to Deal With Drones in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss.–Drones are now a piece of everyday in Mississippi and everywhere else, for that matter and whether you realize it or not. Some are very small and you may never notice them. Now there’s a new bill being pushed in the state legislature to regulate what can and cannot be done with drones.

Some of the possibilities may be a little scary, too, said Rep. Ken Morgan.

“With that kind of technology and the prison yards we have, somebody could smuggle contraband or be doing some video in conspicuous places that they don’t need to be doing,” he said. “We need to go ahead and get some regulation on it.”

Morgan said other lawmakers have already pledged to help push the bill, which he described as “broad”.

“It comes from a copy from other states that have already been through the process.”

Drones have been used for everything from delivering packages to surveillance to assassinations. Morgan said, though, that drone usage that could prove helpful to some Mississippians will also be addressed in the bill.

“It’s not denying agriculture uses or anything like that, seeing how the crops are growing, instead of having it done visually by airplane.”

He said research using drones may also be in the bill.

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