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Bogus White Powder Found in Pontotoc Mail

Pontotoc, MS – Folks in Pontotoc have been getting suspicious letters, but it was not a big deal until someone opened one up and found white powder inside on Wednesday. According to Police Chief Larry Poole there people have been getting the strange letters for over a year and a half now, but nothing like this has ever happened.

“He wasn’t putting anything threatening or nothing and it wasn’t a criminal charge until the deal that happened yesterday in a letter that he mailed to a local business here in town. They opened it and it got all over them, scared them to death of course, as it would have me,” said Chief Poole.

The chief says postal inspectors came down and analyzed the powder, and it turned out to just be some household items, nothing poisonous.

The letters that have been sent out are “all about nothing,” according to the Chief. He says they are written in bold print without a return address, and the letters are usually rants about the media and local churches.

Chief Pool says they think they know who has been sending the letters and currently the department is working the attorney general’s office to see what charges, if any, they can make against him.

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