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Breweries reap benefits of Beer Bill

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It’s been over two months since the beer bill, House Bill 1322, was officially put into law and micro-breweries across the state are seeing huge benefits 

There are over a dozen breweries in the state of Mississippi who now all have a chance to sell their own product on site and promote their brand directly

“Just in July for the one month that we had onsite sales so far we did 41 percent of the total revenue we did onsite for the entire year of 2016,” said Lucas Simmons President and Brewmaster at Luckytown in Jackson.

With the growth he said they are now trying to keep more product at the brewery to keep customers happy.

Matthew Mclaughlin, an attorney for the bill says the bill has had a very positive impact with a revenue source they didn’t otherwise have. Mississippi was the 49th out of 50 states to pass this type of legislation, Georgia came in on it this year.

Anna Claire Giles, Marketing Director with Lazy Magnolia said she shouldn’t believe the legislation was approved.

“They had been talking about it for so long that I thought there would be something that would hold it up, but then it went through and July first was a huge success. It was a dream come true,” said Giles.

She said it has dramatically changed their customers experience. Not only are they able to drink a beer when they visit the brewery, but they’re able to remember that beer they drank when they are  out in other places, which grows the brand.

As interest in the community grows around breweries and the process in making adult beverages the ability to purchase that beer onsite is helping the product spread.

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