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Brown, Burned Grass: How to Keep Your Loved One’s Grave During the Drought

JACKSON, MISS– If you have to take care of your loved one’s grave, you’ve seen the lighter colored, or even brown, grass where they have been laid to rest. 

It’s been discolored because of the drought. Grass roots there aren’t very deep, so that area turns brown faster than the area around it. So how do you keep their grave up when there’s so little water for the thirsty roots?

“When you can water it, water deep,” says Maur McKie with Green Oak Nursery. Watering deep means getting a good one or two inches of water in that area for the grass to soak up.

McKie adds that depending on the type of grass, fertilizers won’t hurt, and to prep for winter, use a winterizer. But McKie adds that the biggest help you could do for the gravesite starts at your mower.

“Don’t cut the grass too low,” says McKie, “grass cut too short will burn faster, leaving those dry, brown spots.”

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