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Bryant to Obama: It’s Unfair to Burden State With the Cost of Illegals Proposal

JACKSON, Miss.–If you’ve heard about the crisis at the U.S. border, than you might know that Pres. Obama’s proposal to help solve the crisis of thousands of illegal aliens crossing over, including unaccompanied children, would spend about $3.7 billion in tax money to build detention facilities and to encouraging parents in Central America not to send their children here. Miss. Gov. Phil Bryant said in a letter to the president that parts of the proposal are “insulting”.

Bryant said in the letter, dated Friday, that he intends to prevent the federal government from detaining large numbers of the immigrants in Mississippi.

The letter clearly blames the president for the current crisis, stating that Obama failed to enforce immigration laws, starting in 2012, and reminded the president that Bryant joined a lawsuit, which was dismissed on technical grounds, in which a federal judged ruled that Obama violated federal laws.

“Like many governors, my office must monitor rumors about the transport and housing of illegal immigrants because your administration apparently prefers to conduct these acts under cloak of secrecy, rather than in consultation with the states, which have the right to monitor and secure their own borders. With that said, I request that your administration and its agents immediately notify my office of any plans to transport or house illegal immigrants in the State of Mississippi,” read the letter.

The letter also criticized Obama’s messaging campaign, which would blitz parents in Central America who might send their children across the border, telling them it’s not a good idea.

Republicans, like Rep. Gregg Harper (R-Miss.) have said they prefer an alternative strategy, which includes processing the young immigrants and sending them back.

Bryant also said in the letter that an earlier executive order, signed by Bryant, states that no illegal immigrants will receive state benefits.

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