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Budget cuts happening left and right for state agencies

The official comprehensive list of budget cuts so far for agencies in Mississippi has been released. 

With nearly every department taking a cut agency heads are working hard to reorganize spending.

Judiciary & Justice agencies saw a total cut of $461,762, with $409,081 of that coming out of the Attorney General’s Office budget. The Secretary of State’s office took a $196,112 cut with the Governor’s office and support of the Mansion only loosing $33,071.

That’s a total of $237,747 cut from the Executive and Administrative budget.

For education, the Adequate Education Program, (MAEP) lost $11,207,191 from their original budget and overall for general education $127,584 was cut.

In total $13,988,860 was cut from Public Education.

Higher Education saw almost an equal cut in different levels of the budget, with a total loss of $12,876,699. Most of which came from IHL General Support at close to $6 million.

A much talked about area of budget loss is the Department of Public Health. For the FY2017 they were cut 944,872 from their general budget.

In consolidating the Department of Corrections budget they lost $4,738,325 from their annual budget.

Miscellaneous cuts came from the Arts Commission of $25,745, Gaming Commission at $$7,416, the Public Service Commission received three cuts over different aspects of the agency totaling $36,037.

Non-state supported agencies like the Department of Transportation were cut as well. Transportation lost $1,528,107 and the State Treasurer’s Office was cut $72,508.

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