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Burritos and a Sandwich Filled With Pot and Tobacco, Corrections Officers Charged With Contraband

PHOTOS: Courtesy, Dept. of Corrections

PEARL, Miss.–You’ve got to give it up for these two corrections officers who are now well on the way to being fired after trying to smuggle tobacco in a foot-long sub and pot in burritos, according to officers who arrested the two this week.

Erling Gresham and Tamikta Russell both work at the Central Miss. Correctional Facility, but have been recommended for firing after they were searched and the loaded fast food items, which you won’t find on any menu, were found.


“You would be surprised by the different ways in which people try to bring in contraband. That’s why we must always be alert and ready,” said Corrections Commissioner Chris Epps, who has recently been dealing with several contraband cases.

“Not only are people bringing in illegal items on their persons, but also in their food, and, they are tossing contraband over the fence, but the recent netting we put up is already proving to be effective.”


Epps said an inmate offered Gresham $200 for the tobacco, so Gresham got a bread-only sandwich and loaded it, then wrapped it in plastic to make it look legit.

The burritos were found in a Tupperware container. Inside the burritos were several baggies with the pot and tobacco.

Epps said guards sometimes make extra money by bringing in items like drugs and cell phones, but with random searches, he hopes to discourage the practice, which can land you in prison and paying a hefty fine.

Prison guard pay, at ten bucks an hour, is some of the poorest in the country, acknowledged Corrections earlier this year.

“While no more arrests are expected in Russell’s case, the investigation involving Gresham is ongoing,” said Sean K. Smith, director of the Corrections Investigation Division. “Our preliminary investigation shows both Russell and Gresham acted alone when they brought in the contraband, but we are still obviously trying to answer questions in Gresham’s case, including finding the inmate who he said asked him to bring in the tobacco.”

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