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Canton Public Schools Scurry to Stop Scabies

Canton, MISS–Canton Public School District had to notify parents that their children may have been exposed to the skin condition scabies.

When you think of the germs spread around a school, you think of stomach bugs, flu outbreaks and lice, but there’s a different bug spreading Canton Public School District is trying to stop. It’s scabies, a skin condition caused by a very small mite. That bite causes itchiness and redness and it’s contagious. WLBT reports that that Canton parents have been notified that children may have been exposed. Teachers are doing what they can to increase handwashing.

So far, around 5-10 cases have been reported at several schools in the school system. The district has started the process of deep cleaning and disinfecting the schools in order to prevent scabies from spreading more.

Severe, consistent itching and redness are the main signs associated with scabies. Scabies is spread by skin-to-skin. To treat it, you’ll need a topical gel or a prescription pill.


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