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Card skimmers found at Brookhaven gas station

Card Skimmer. Photo courtesy of Madison PD

On March 12th, 2018 The Brookhaven Police Department received reports of Credit Card Fraud that was tracked back to a pay at the pump transaction. Investigators recovered two skimmers placed on separate pumps at that location.

The following short video was made to show citizens how this crime is committed. Criminals await for the store to close, and use a duplicate key or pick set to open the pump. The Criminals can then insert a device into the wiring that captures and re-transmits the signal for download to a computer or tablet device that have been used at that particular pump. Please report any suspicious activity to the Brookhaven Police Department at (601)833-2424. 

Tips to Protect your information provided by the Brookhaven police department:
1) Only use stations that are well lighted and have ample video coverage of the gas pumps.
2) Take the extra time and pay inside the store with a credit card purchase, we have yet to find a skimmer inside the store.
3) Monitor your credit card statements often, and report any suspicious activity.

CEO John O’Hara with the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi said scammers are getting smarter in their approach whether it be online, ATM’s, or gas stations.

“A lot of gas stations have a seal tape, if you see that tape has been broken and a new seal hasn’t been replaced you really want to notify the gas station,” said O’Hara.

He said they are becoming more and more common and customers need to be aware of what they’re swiping their card into.

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