Master Blacksmith Lyle Wynn on @TheJTShow

Lyle Wynn(Master Bladesmith and competitor on History Channel’s “Forged in Fire”) stops by the studio to talk about how his love for Metalworking led him to compete on History’s “Forged in Fire”, to discuss the upcoming Forge Day event with the Mississippi State Extension Service, and to talk about how folks who are interested could learn more about blacksmithing. … Continue reading “Master Blacksmith Lyle Wynn on @TheJTShow”

Commissioner Brandon Presley on Rural Broadband | @TheJTShow

Brandon Presley(Public Service Commissioner for the Northern District of Mississippi) joined the conversation to give his take on the push to allow electric co-ops to provide broadband internet to rural areas. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Mississippi Museums Open(and Free) Today! | @TheJTShow

Michael Morris(Public Information Officer – Mississippi Department of Archives and History) to talk about Martin Luther King Jr Day and the fact that you can visit the Museum of Mississippi History and the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum for free today in honor of the holiday! If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find … Continue reading “Mississippi Museums Open(and Free) Today! | @TheJTShow”

Deepwater Mafia Dive Club | @TheJTShow

It isn’t all that often that JT has a conversation with guys named “Salty Bones” and “Bob the Pirate”, but that was the case on the JT Show as Bob “the Pirate” Brown and Skip “Salty Bones” Roberts joined the conversation to discuss their scuba club and the work they do to fight the invasive … Continue reading “Deepwater Mafia Dive Club | @TheJTShow”

Fred Cannon on @TheJTShow

Fred Cannon, a Mississippi native that has been involved in the music industry since the 1950’s and worked with groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Pink Floyd while they spent time in Europe, stopped by to sit down with JT to talk about their shared love for classic rock and to discuss Mr. … Continue reading “Fred Cannon on @TheJTShow”

Rural Broadband Bill Discussion | @TheJTShow

Speaker Philip Gunn and Chairman Jim Beckett stop by the studio to discuss the passage of the Rural Broadband Bill that passed the House yesterday and what they expect to see moving forward with the issue. If you missed their conversation with JT, you can find it here –  

Chairman Roger Wicker joins @TheJTShow

Joining the discussion by phone from Washington D.C., newly appointed Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee Senator Roger Wicker gave his viewpoints on the partial Federal Government Shutdown, the need for an expansion of broadband services to rural areas of Mississippi, and his push to ease restriction on recreational salt-water fishing. If you missed his … Continue reading “Chairman Roger Wicker joins @TheJTShow”

Lars Larson on @TheJTShow

No, your ears weren’t deceiving you, and you haven’t traveled through time. Lars Larson(Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host – “The Lars Larson Show”) joined the conversation in the 12 o’clock hour to talk about his Twitter time-out and to discuss the wild world of politics with JT. If you missed his conversation with JT, you … Continue reading “Lars Larson on @TheJTShow”

Dr. Victor Sung on a New Clinical Trial for Huntington’s Disease | @TheJTShow

Dr. Victor Sung(Clinical Director – University of Alabama Birmingham Huntington’s Disease Clinic) joined the conversation by phone to give you an update on a clinical trial that could potentially lead to a curative treatment for genetic diseases like Huntington’s. If you missed his exciting conversation with JT, you can find it here –

Mayor Flaggs is Working Despite the Shutdown | @TheJTShow

Mayor George Flaggs of Vicksburg has done everything in his power to keep the Vicksburg National Military Park open, despite the Partial Federal Government Shutdown. If you missed his conversation with JT, you can find it here – If you’d like to donate to the Friends of the National Military Park, you can contact Beth … Continue reading “Mayor Flaggs is Working Despite the Shutdown | @TheJTShow”

Elvis Would’ve Been 84 Today | @TheJTShow

On this day in 1935, Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo in a little shotgun shack(named as such because you could fire a shotgun through the front door and not hit a thing before the shot went out the backdoor), but he would go on to influence music like few before him and even … Continue reading “Elvis Would’ve Been 84 Today | @TheJTShow”