Phillips’ strong start helps Rebels top Memphis 5-2

The 2019 season has been a struggle for Zack Phillips, but believes he has found something in his mechanics.  The discovery has led to more satisfactory results his last two outings. Phillips tossed six innings of two-run ball in what was his second longest outing of the season in Ole Miss’ 5-2 win over Memphis.  … Continue reading “Phillips’ strong start helps Rebels top Memphis 5-2”

Mississippi State Stays Perfect in the Midweek With a 5-1 Win Over Texas Southern

It both was and wasn’t the usual midweek game, as Mississippi State got off to a slow start in the first inning, but never really put it all together until the eighth, just sliding past a game Texas Southern squad in a 5-1 win. After grabbing a 1-0 lead in the first, State was held … Continue reading “Mississippi State Stays Perfect in the Midweek With a 5-1 Win Over Texas Southern”

A third paid assistant would come to college baseball, but multiple big money conferences wont let it happen

Kendall Rodgers of D1 Baseball hopped on STM and brought some heat. There’s a proposal out there that would allow college baseball programs to have a third paid assistant on staff.  It may not go through, as there’s a hangup but NOT from the small conferences. What’s the deal? Kendall explains…

Lt. Gov. Reeves: Government needs to prioritize projects

Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves joined The Gallo Radio Show and talked about a shortened session, the lottery and gas taxes. Reeves says if we could set priorities for the government, we could fund what we need with the money that’s already coming in. Take a listen.

Let’s Get Healthy, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties

The Mississippi Public Health Institute (MPHI) was recently awarded roughly $700,000 from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to focus on the health and well-being of families on the Gulf Coast. Tenille Collins the program coordinator for the MPHI REACH grant, joined Rebecca Turner on Good Things to talk details and areas of health interest.

Paul Gallo puts Brandon Jones in the hot seat

Former State Legislator and Democrat PAC head, Brandon Jones, joined The Gallo Radio Show on Tuesday. Jones was asked about an overview on legislation passed during the just completed 2019 Legislative Session. His view of the Heartbeat Bill lead to an active discussion.

Thunder & Lightning: Mississippi State Is In Perfect Position to be a National Seed

You can’t ask for much more than to be in first place in the SEC as the conference season hits the midway point. Brian Hadad and Joel Coleman take a look at what’s ahead and explain why this baseball team is in complete control of its own destiny to host a regional as a national … Continue reading “Thunder & Lightning: Mississippi State Is In Perfect Position to be a National Seed”

Can you name apple species native to Mississippi?

Unless you grew up with apple trees in your backyard, you might not think of apples as being a native of Mississippi. Our great ancestors wouldn’t have seen the apples you pick out in the grocery store today growing on their homesteads. You probably have never heard of many of the types of apples that … Continue reading “Can you name apple species native to Mississippi?”