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Changes Coming to the Navy, Thanks to Former Miss. Gov. Mabus

WASHINGTON, D.C.–Some changes are coming to the U.S. Navy, thanks to former Mississippi governor Ray Mabus. He announced new initiatives aimed at making both the Navy and Marines more efficient and equal for men and women.

“Some of the initiatives I’m gonna announce today will take place at the speed of my pen,” said Mabus in his Wednesday speech to Naval Academy graduates. “Some will take place at the speed of Congress. But all of them will impact you.”

If you’ve ever been in the military and gotten your assignment, even though you did your duty, you might’ve said ‘this doesn’t fit me’, or ‘this is not what I’m about or what I can do well’. One of Mabus’ goals is to change that.

“We have to make big data analysis a permanent part of personnel management. So, I’m establishing the Office of Talent Optimization here at the Naval Academy in September. This office is gonna better identify ways to identify our sailors and Marines’ talent, getting out of the heere and now and focusing on future warfighting requirements.”

Mabus said there will be a series of pilot programs.

He also said that he believes men and women who serve together in the military should be totally equal.

“I’m personally committed to opening all operational billets to women.”

Mabus said that in the Marine Corps, one of the most comprehensive assessments ever of physical standards is being conducted, and the results will enhance combat effectiveness.

“They’re gonna do this independent of gender. But, in all cases, I personally believe we ought to have one standard, a standard that’s gender neutral, a standard that matches the demands of the job, and if you pass, you pass.”

Mabus said there will be steps taken to address concerns about sexual harassment and respect in the Naval environment.

There could even be less restrictions on weight for women who want a career in the Navy or Marines.

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