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Cheapest Gas Anywhere: Mississippi Gets the Gold Star This Week

JACKSON, Miss.–You might not even think this is possible if you live in Ocean Springs, where gas is $3.59 today, but your state has the cheapest gas prices in the U.S. in the lower 48 states. Your state-wide average is $3.16.

“The high is San Francisco at $3.92, and the low is Jackson, Miss., $3.11,” said Trilby Lundberg, who runs the Lundberg Survey, which keeps up with oil and gas prices.

“The chief input, as usual, is crude oil. Oil prices are down. That;s why we have these declines at the pump. Refiners, marketers and retailers have passed on the price cuts to consumers.”

And it shows in what you are paying compared to two weeks ago. It’s dropped about four cents.

“West Texas and Brent are down substantially, despite some hot spots in the world,” she said, meaning that those top two crude oil suppliers have lower prices than in months past, and it may stay that way. That would mean prices could drop even more.

The national average is $3.48. That’s down 20 cents since June 20.

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