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Clearing Confusion: Initiative to Keep State Flag Could Muddle with Voter Minds, Says Pro-Flag Group

JACKSON, MISS– The current Mississippi state flag, or the flag the state uses now, with the 1894 design. However you cut it, flag supporters don’t want to see the state flag changed. 

Many state lawmakers, celebrities, and even cities have called for the flag to be changed, removing the confederate stars and bars from the design.

Mississippi folks supporting Initiative 54, which would add preserving the state flag’s design to the state constitution, say that when people go to vote on the issue, there are complications with the wording.

The group  says the ballot it should say keeping the “1894” flag design and not keeping the “current” flag. Greg Stewart works at Beavoiur and says that if the flag is changed before the vote, the word “current,” which is how Attorney General Jim Hood wrote the ballot title, would be even more confusing than what it already is, because a yes vote could mean to keep that hypothetical flag design.

Supporters say changing the wording on the ballot would clear that confusion.

News Mississippi reached out to initiative supporters, with no response.

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