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Cochran recognized for Senate milestone

Senator Thad Cochran celebrated a huge milestone, as the 10th longest serving Senator in U.S. History. 

Senator Cochran has served since December of 1978.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConell applauded Sen. Cochran’s years off service with the following remarks:

“Mr. President, let me thank the distinguished Majority Leader for his generous remarks about my service in the Senate and the milestone that has been reflected by the last long number of years.  It is heartwarming but also reminds me of how important our collective efforts are for the future of our country, our economy, peace in our time, and in helping assure that we make our time here a positive influence over the opportunities that are available for our citizens to enjoy life, safe and secure, with good leaders, commonsense leaders.  That’s what our Leader is.  I yield the floor.”


He was also commended by one of Mississippi’s own, Sen. Roger Wicker. He joins Cochran in Washington D.C. as the Junior Senator under him, on behalf of the Magnolia State.

Wicker referred to Cochran as a “trailblazer” and a “quiet persuader.”


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