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Contact Wearers, Don’t let Amoebas Eat Your Eyes

JACKSON, Miss. – You may have read online about the Taiwanese student who went blind after an amoeba ate into her eye because she did not take her contacts out for six months. This may be a worst case scenario but it is no reason not to take precaution.

An easy solution to not have your vision compromised by protozoans is to always take your contacts out before you go to bed and to clean them with a hydrogen peroxide based solution.

“What happens is if you reinsert the contact lens or if you sleep in it, which is not a good choice, then you can get a server eye infection where you can actually lose your cornea,” said optometrist Dr. Rebecca Cox Patton.

“Make sure you don’t top of the solution from the night before, you throw away the solution when you put your lenses in in the morning and let your lenses air dry. You don’t want any water on the contacts, in the case. Don’t swim with the contacts on. Don’t get in a hot tub with them on. If you shower with them on you want to make sure you close your eyes.”

If your contacts cause you problems remember to call your eye doctor. Also, if you constantly forget to take your contacts out, disposable contacts may be the best solution for you.

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