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Contraception Coverage or No: Hobby Lobby Decision Expected Today

WASHINGTON, D.C.–If you work at Hobby Lobby today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court could affect your job. His company has four stores in Mississippi and today the court is expected to decide whether or not Hobby Lobby should be forced to provide coverage for contraception that includes the morning after pill.

That pill is tantamount to an abortion drug, says the company’s owners, who are Christian. They believe it’s a violation of their religious freedom to force them, under provisions of ObamaCare, to provide that coverage for their employees.

“It’s so religiously sensitive, so fraught with religious controversy, that the agency itself provides a certain number of exemptions and accommodations,” said Hobby Lobby Attorney Paul Clemente.

Some believe those accommodations should be extended to private companies like Hobby Lobby, or other small businesses that do not wish to provide coverage on religious grounds.

The potential penalty if the court does not rule in Hobby Lobby’s favor is millions of dollars in fines that could put the company out of business.

The court is likely to be divided on the matter, and could rule in Hobby Lobby’s favor.

“It would be extinguishing statutorily guaranteed health benefits of fundamental importance to these employees,” said Solicitor General Donald Verilli.

But, of course, it would not be just Hobby Lobby that is affected. If you own a business, the implications either way will affect you and your employees.

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