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Creating More Jobs For The Disabled

Gov. Bryant rejects the idea of another education study funded by taxpayers

JACKSON, Miss. – Governor Phil Bryant has issued an executive order for all state agencies to work together to try to increase job opportunities for the disabled.

Bryant said his first job as governor is to make sure everyone in that state who wants a job has one. “They (the disabled) have dreams and aspirations and goals for their careers,” he said.  “In my State of the State, I said we must all rise together.  That particularly includes those among us who have disabilities.”

A bill has been introduced this legislative session that, if passed, would require state agencies that provide services and support to persons with disabilities to consider, as their first option, competitive employment in an integrated setting for persons with disabilities and to follow this policy for employment by coordinating all collaborating efforts among agencies; and it would authorizes state agencies to adopt rules and regulations to implement the act.

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