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Daily Digital Feb. 10: Celebrating Hattiesburg’s Tornado Recovery, Texting May Lead to Tickets, Polarpalooza Plunges for Special Olympics


For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter and today is February 10th.

It’s a day to remember for folks in Hattiesburg. Two years ago today an EF-4 tornado wrecked Oak Grove, Hattiesburg, and Petal. Southern Miss took a direct hit and even though much of the destruction has been cleaned up and cleared, there’s still evidence of what happened. Hattiesburg has come a long way since then, and there’s still work to do for them. But Hattiesburg isn’t the only Mississippi city to take damage that badly. Right before Christmas, it was Jones and Marion Counties that were ravaged by a twister.

But this week isn’t about just the South Mississippi tornado damage. It’s Tornado Preparedness Week. Last year 40 tornados brought destruction to the Magnolia State. Many of those happened on April 28th, which is when Louisville was devastated. Today first Lady Deborah Bryant is there reading to the elementary kids and telling them about tornado preparedness. National Weather Service experts got together on a google hangout to discuss tornados. We’ve got that video at

When you’ve been stopped at a red light, you may have shot a text message to a friend. Or you’ve seen someone else do it. If texting and driving were illegal, could they be stopped for that? Well, questions like that are the cause for debate when it comes to the texting and driving bill. House Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden says how to enforce the law is fuel for debate. The Senate could be voting on that one soon.

And swimming is probably the last thing on your mind in February, but the Special Olympics of Mississippi is bringing a dip into the reservoir into the forefront. Polarpalooza is this weekend, and folks are urged to jump into the reservoir to raise money for Special Olympics Mississippi. Polarpalooza isn’t just about getting wet and cold; they’ll be music and food as well. Today Tony Bahou did a preview plunge into the rez, and we’ve got the video at

Find out how you could be part of Polarpalooza at

For the Daily Digital, I’m Courtney Carter.






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