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Data Breach Hits Four Mississippi Restaurants

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. — Your credit card information could be at risk depending on where you have eaten in the past few months. There was a data breach at Signature Systems, the company that handles credit card transactions for the sandwich shop Jimmy John’s and other restaurants.

In Mississippi at least four restaurants may have been affected. They were Jimmy John’s on Goodman Road in Southaven, The Lost Pizza Company in Southaven and Tupelo, and Lott-A-Freeze in Indianola. Your personal information could be at risk if you used a credit or debit card these places between July 30 and mid-September.

Signature Systems released a statement  saying:

We have determined that an unauthorized person gained access to a user name and password that Signature Systems used to remotely access POS systems. The unauthorized person used that access to install malware designed to capture payment card data from cards that were swiped through terminals in certain restaurants. The malware was capable of capturing the cardholder’s name, card number, expiration date, and verification code from the magnetic stripe of the card. … This incident affected 216 Jimmy John’s stores and 108 other restaurant locations.

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