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A Date With the Executioner: Pit Bulls Were Set to Be Put Down After Boy’s Death

LEXINGTON, Miss.–Christopher Malone is dead after a pit bull attack in Holmes County last week and now the two attacking dogs were set to be put to death Tuesday. Sheriff Willie March told News Mississippi that he sees pit bulls as an on-going threat to his county, and the state.

Malone, 3, died March 31 at his home in Thornton, a small town in southern Holmes County, after two pit bulls that were being kept in the home mauled him.

“His throat was basically taken out,” said March. “Part of his mouth was also ripped off. and you think of a kid going through that kind of pain. You can’t get these dogs off of you. It’s a sad situation just to see him laying there lifeless all because somebody wants some dogs.”

March said he sees the dogs chained up in the woods, malnourished.

He also said he fears the dogs may soon be roaming the county.

“They start mating, and look what we’re gonna have. Look at the wild hogs.”

He said he’s hoping that charges will be brought against someone in the attack.

“I’m pushing for this. I’m waiting on the D.A. This is a young man that should be alive and well, playing with his family.”

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