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Departments pair up to promote prom safety

Photo Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

The Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services and the Mississippi Department of Public Safety have teamed up to start a prom campaign to educate kids and make them aware of the risks of texting and driving, drinking and driving, and not wearing their seatbelt.

Chris Howard, the Executive Director for the Mississippi Department of Rehab Services, said they really want to get out there and work with the kids and make sure they come back on Monday.

His first set of advice to students to keep them safe is to stay off your phone while driving.

Photo Courtesy of the Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services

“When you’re driving and you hear that phone go off, resist that urge to look at it. If you feel like you might have the urge to look at it, give your phone to the passenger and let the passenger hold your phone, that way you’re not tempted to look down and text,” Howard said. “By the time you look down and look back up you could swerve into another lane, so we encourage you not to look at your phone.”

He also stressed how important it is to not be involved with drinking and driving.

“When it comes to drinking and driving, don’t get into the car if you suspect your friend has been drinking,” said Howard. “Don’t be afraid to call somebody to come pick you up whether it be your parents, your uncle, your aunt, whoever.”

He also said it is so important to not get behind the wheel if you have been drinking.

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