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Dogs and Downed Trees: At Least Three People Hurt on the Natchez Trace This Weekend

MADISON COUNTY, Miss.–If you drive on the Natchez Trace Parkway, you have probably seen animals, and there are lots of them. From wild hogs to wild dogs, they can be dangerous. There are other dangers, too, on the Trace, which can be very rural, even in urban areas. This weekend, at least three people were hurt on the federal parkway.

It was anywhere from eight to 10 dogs that attacked a cyclist on the Trace Sunday morning in Madison County, said the National Park Service, which oversees the Trace. They came out of the woods, on both sides of the road and bit the man several times. The 64-year-old was able to get away.

The Park Service said there had been no other attacks like that in the area.

Now the National Park Service is recommending you use other parts of the Trace or the National Scenic Trail, until they can find out if the dogs have an owner. If you have any info, you can call Madison County Emergency Management Office at 601-859-4188 or the Natchez Trace Parkway at 1-800-300- PARK (7275).

That area is near mile marker 113.

Other dangers can lurk in the dark, like downed trees you may not be able to see until you are right upon them.

A Chickasaw County deputy and a man he was transporting found that out Saturday night about 11.

Deputy Barry Gladney told WCBI that he saw the tree at the bottom of a hill when he was headed north in his patrol car, just north of Hwy. 8. He hit the brakes, but he couldn’t quite stop in time.

After they hit the tree, both Gladney and the other man were taken to the hospital in Tupelo. They were not seriously hurt.

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