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Driver safety for going back to school

JACKSON, Miss.- The Mississippi Department of Transportation is reminding you to be extra careful on the roads as schools start back.  Student’s are headed back to school soon and that means more traffic, buses, carpool lines, bicycles and sidewalks filled with pedestrians.

“Try not to be impatient. These are our precious children getting on and off the bus. If you are impatient and you go around the bus, chances are you may hit one of them and that is a tragedy none of us want to hear about,” Kristy Melbourne with MDOT said.

For drivers, MDOT  is reminding everyone to follow a few safety tips as they hit the road.

If you’re driving kids to school, remember:

  • Don’t park alongside another vehicle, it blocks visibility for pedestrians and drivers.
  • Only let kids out at the entrance to the school, don’t drop them off across the street.
  • Carpool if possible. The less cars on the road, the better.
    Sharing the road with younger drivers and pedestrians:

Don’t block crosswalks at red lights. That forces pedestrians to walk into traffic.

  • Always stop for crossing guards.
    Don’t honk at pedestrians even if you have the right away.
  • Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians.
    Obey all speed limit signs.
  • Make sure passengers are wearing seat belts.
  • Sharing the road with buses and bicycles:

Never pass a bus from behind.

  • If the lights are flashing all traffic must stop.
  • Stay further away from the bus than if you were driving behind a car.
  • Leave at least three feet between you and any cyclists when passing.
  • Watch for bike riders who may not signal when turning, especially if they are children.
  • Check mirrors before opening your door.

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