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Drought programs preparing for next shortage

JACKSON, Miss.- While drought conditions may be subsiding across the state, officials and farmers are continuing to prepare for the next time the rain decides to hold off for so long. 

Drought programs are designed to not only assist farmers when conditions are poor, but the prepare for the next drought season.

“As we all know, the water table still needs to be added,” said Kavanaugh Breazeale, Public Affairs and Communications Officer at US Dept of Agriculture. “A lot of these programs are in existence to help farmers, cattle ranchers, grass growers, and hay growers to help with drought situations that will probably happen next year, or the year after that.”

Under the Natural Resource program for instance, financial and technical assistance is offered to those individuals. The drought assistance program also targets any grazing land, vegetable growers, and other crop growers. They provide assistance like water facilities that helps at the time of the drought.

Pipelines and water-wells are used to facilitate this.

The drought program sign up that goes to Dec. 23rd can be accessed through your local natural resource conservation office or visit here for more information.

“Each person has to realize they are trying to get on a list of qualified individuals. There is only so much financial aid available, so not everyone will be able to receive the assistance, said Breazeale.

Monday is also, World Soil Day. A day to recognize how to keep soil healthy and appreciate it’s value.

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