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Drugs in Mississippi: Busts Take Dealers and Narcotics Off the Streets

NEW ALBANY, Miss.–The second big-time drug bust in just a few days time in Mississippi has taken 46 people accused of dealing and possessing drugs off the streets. This one happened in New Albany and the police chief there is telling media it’s the biggest bust in the city’s history.

This follows another drug bust that has 32 people arrested in Marion County over the weekend.

The New Albany bust started about 4 Tuesday morning. Chief Chris Robertson said by 8:30 all 46 people had been rounded up and put in the Union County lockup. He said his investigators have been working hard to clean up the streets because drugs are a big problem in the city.

Roberston said they found meth, cocaine, and plenty of the number one drug problem in Mississippi-illegal prescription pills.

In Marion County, where 32 people were locked up over the weekend, Sheriff Berkley Hall said one of the big problems was people selling drugs near schools. They rounded up several on that charge, and the ones who had guns during drug deals got higher bonds.

New laws, which take effect in July, will make it easier for people who possess drugs and are non-violent, to go through the drug court system. Violent offenders, who deal drugs, on the other hand, will face tougher sentences than before.

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