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Dust in homes could be dangerous to health

JACKSON, Miss.- Dust can be a pesky nuisance that no homeowner wants to deal with, but a new study has come out saying it may be more harmful than just annoying. 

A report was released after 15 years of research that showed dust in normal American households contains chemicals that could cause severe health issues, especially in kids.

The chemicals come from furniture polish, flooring, cleaners, cosmetics and other manufactured items in homes. They all contain chemicals whose particles make up the dust on your floors.

Children are at a more vulnerable state due to their still-developing bodies and close proximity to floors and carpeting.

Many of these chemicals are linked to cancer, nervous system disorders, and reproductive problems. The research was done by a team of scientists from three universities in partnership with the Natural Resources Defense Council and Silent Spring institute.

They reported that any given home could have a combination of 45 chemicals that link to health disorders in the dust.

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