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Eclipse could cause animal reactions

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The Solar Eclipse will make it’s appearance on Monday and some experts say the light may not be all it affects. 

Animals could get rowdy with the phenomenon coming through at the beginning of the week.
Angelle Tanner, Associate Professor of Astronomy at Mississippi State University, said that the event could have an affect on animals in the area. She said birds could begin chirping in the late evening hours, cows may start migrating at unusual times and other animals may not be acting like it’s evening.
Deputy Director Dave Wetzel  with the Jackson Zoo does not expect anarchy in any way, but told keepers to be watchful of any differences in behavior.
“The animals could act a little off because unscheduled darkness, like when there is a heavy thunderstorm and it gets super dark during the day. Animals rely more on their internal clock than people do, and messing with their schedules is similar to messing with a toddler’s meals and naptimes,” said Wetzel.
Willie Bennett, the Animal Care Supervisor at the Jackson zoo said he doesn’t expect to see much change considering the past.
“I was here at the zoo when we had the last eclipse 30 something years ago and it had very little affect. The animals went to a little mild dark period and started moving around a little erratically but after things calmed down a little they went back to their normal climate,” said Bennett.
So keep your eyes peeled for strange behavior from the neighborhood animals, it could just be the eclipse having an affect.

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