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EdBuild contract available to the public, recommendations to be made by January



JACKSON, Miss.- After much controversy surrounding the decision, the contract with EdBuild has been made available to the public.

The EdBuild contract is a potential solution to the restructuring of the Mississippi Adequate Education Program, or MAEP. Lawmakers have met several times over the summer months with the company to discuss potential changes they could provide.

However, Speaker Pro Tem Greg Snowden said there was never an intention to hide the contract from the public, just a question in policy.

He said the question was more about how to get the contract to members of the House since there was not a current policy to dictate that maneuver. Snowden said it had always been the policy of the house not to release contracts to the public.

“The truth is after that was done our House lawyers began looking at it and they said you know after the law we passed back in 2011 this should have been put on the website, and about that time is when Jim Hood sent us the letter.” said Snowden.

Regardless of initial intentions the contract is now available through the state’s Transparency website.

“This company has, as they’ve emphasized a student weighted sort of formula. They’re supposed to give us their recommendations before the end of the year in time for session to begin,” said Snowden.

For more on the EdBuild contracts see here:


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