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The Fight in DC: Wicker Says You Could Soon See How Senators Really Feel About Issues

WASHINGTON, D.C.–What’s been holding up progress in D.C. on bills like repealing parts of Obama Care and getting the Keystone Pipeline going? Former Majority Leader Harry Reid, according to Mississippi’s Roger Wicker (R). The junior senator said in an interview with CNN, Sunday that both Republicans and Democrats have seen bills held up by the Democrat from Nevada.

“It’ll be an opportunity for the first time in really six years for the American people to see how their elected senators feel about these issues,” he said.

Wicker was talking about the new Republican-majority Senate, which is about to start churning out legislation for 2015.

“In the past it’s been about Harry Reid preventing votes from coming to the floor.”

Republicans have blamed Reid consistently for blocking bills that did not tally with his political viewpoints from coming to the Senate floor. Wicker said he’s now confident that some of those initiatives will pass with bi-partisan support, even if they are ultimately vetoed by the president.

“We’re gonna send the president the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill. It will be supported by a number of Democrats. Those things will be sent to the president with overwhelming bi-partisan support in both the House and Senate and we’ll see how the president reacts to that.”

Wicker said more than 300 bills have been blocked, including 50 to do with job creation.

He also said in the new Senate they’ll be working five days per week, like the average Joe.

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