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Firework Safety Starts at the Stand, Not at the Fuse

MADISON, MISS– People are rushing to the fireworks stand to get the good stuff before the Fourth of July holiday weekend. One firework stand owner says the safety side of shooting fireworks starts when shopping.

“If the packaging is all torn up, and looks real bad, you’ve got to think about safety,” says Liberty Fireworks owner Donna Burnside,”if it’s all busted up, don’t buy it.”

Burnside says that’s because gunpowder could be leaking from some of the multi-shot packages, and that could explode sooner than expected. Burnside adds that it’s normal to have a few holes in packaging from shipping, but that anything major shouldn’t be purchased.

“Also, check the fuse,” says Burnside, “make sure it’s there, and long enough.”

Sometimes when getting ready to light fireworks, a person may accidentally pull the fuse too far out and not realize it. Assuming the firecracker is a dud just because it didn’t go off could lead to danger.

“Wait a minute if it doesn’t blow up,” says Burnside, “and never hold it close to your face to inspect it. Just toss it away or kick it over.”

Burnside says another shopping tip for safety is to buy a longer lighter or lighting sticks to avoid burns and blow ups in your hand.

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