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First presidential debate closes high on drama, low on substance

JACKSON, MISS– The first presidential debate ended Monday night with analysts unable to declare a true winner. 

NBC’s Tom Brokaw said the evening was not a “stand-out” night for either candidate.

“The people will have to add up the points,” said Brokaw.

The topics were America’s Direction, Achieving Prosperity, and Securing America, which created a vehicle for the candidates to discuss jobs, security, and race relations in the nation.

On bringing jobs back to the United States, Hillary Clinton claimed the big jobs would come from infrastructure, small business, closing corporate loopholes and having the wealthy play their part. Clinton coined the term “Trumped-up trickle down” economics in reference to Donald Trump’s plan to cut taxes for the wealthy.

“I’m going to cut taxes,” said Trump. “I’m going to cut taxes from 35 percent to 15 percent.”

Clinton said that plan just wouldn’t work.

“5 trillion dollars will be added to the deficit,” said Clinton.

Trump’s tax returns were questioned during the debate, with Clinton alleging that the paperwork would expose something about him that he didn’t want in the light.

“Perhaps it will show how he’s not as charitable as he says,” said Clinton, “or that he hasn’t paid in federal taxes.”

Trump’s response of “that makes me smart” in regard to the question of his federal tax payments elicited the most scrutiny from the audience. To date, Trump has not released his tax returns, citing an ongoing audit from the IRS.

“But if she releases her 30,000 emails,” said Trump. “I’ll go against my lawyer’s advice and release my returns.”

With over 100 million expected viewers, Twitter and Facebook were alive with reactions to the debate, with many feeling disappointed in the performance and substance of the debate.


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