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Gas Prices: Mississippi Average Over $2, Might Go Up a “Few More Pennies” Says Expert

JACKSON, Miss.–Gas in Mississippi is definitely not as cheap as it was two weeks ago, or even last week. The state average Monday was $2.02 and you might see it go up even higher. Oil experts said this weekend that the price of crude is to blame.

Mississippi had the 16th cheapest gas average in the country Monday.

“The gasoline market has no shortage,” said oil expert Trilby Lundberg, who runs the Lundberg Survey, which tracks oil and gas prices. “There’s really not a gasoline market cause at this point. It came instead from crude.”

The cheapest in Mississippi was in Hattiesburg at $1.83. The most expensive was in Olive Brand at $2.69.

“It was crude oil, doing a rebound, hit bottom then rose by a few dollars a barrel. Not all of it has made its way to the pump, so there’s a few more pennies coming to th street.”

Experts were blaming that on the on-going strikes at refineries in several states, as the United Steel Workers continued to hold out for more money and safety issues in talks with Shell and the oil industry.

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