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Gas Prices Stay the Same Over the Weekend, Still Dropping Across the Country

JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi gas prices stayed the same price over the weekend as they were Friday. The state average is $2.17. Across the country, the prices are getting lower, and there is a likelihood they will drop again in Mississippi.

“In the past three weeks, the average price is down five cents, to $2.45 per gallon,” said oli analyst Trilby Lundberg, who runs the Lundberg Survey, which tracks gas and oil prices across the country. “This makes a total of 9 cents drop over five weeks.”

Lundberg said the price should continue to go down, as long as crude oil prices don’t go up, which is what caused the last temporary climb.

“That is because refiners are running at such high rates, chasing sales. So are retailers. They would like to catch this demand and benefit from the higher volumes of sales.”

Essentially that means that refiners would rather see more business at the lower prices.

The lowest gas prices in Mississippi are in Hernando, with $1.95 at several stations.

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