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Gateway Rescue set to reopen Cafe

photo credit: Gateway Rescue Mission

Gateway Rescue Mission is set to reopen its doors after a tragic accident that left one dead. 

In May of this year a the driver of a City of Jackson vehicle lost control smashing into the side of the Gateway Rescue Mission Cafe in Jackson. Not only did it take out picnic tables, the gazebo, and the entire kitchen of the Mission, but the accident left Stevie Fuller, “Scrappy” dead.

It’s been nearly two months since the tragic accident and the Cafe is getting ready to open it’s doors again thanks to hard work, savings, and donations from the community.

Rusty Ryan, with Gateway Rescue Mission said is truly an act of God that they are able to open back up on Monday, June 26. He said the cafe will start back up at noon and continue with normal operating hours.

The facility serves three meals a day, usually averaging 300 meals total. Ryan said its the quality of the meals that keeps people coming back.

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