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Gay Adoption: Human Rights Campaign “Disappointed” With Bryant Statement

JACKSON, Miss.–Mississippi is the only state where, if you’re a gay couple, you can’t adopt a child together legally. Wednesday Gov. Bryant made a statement defending Mississippi’s law after a lawsuit was filed by four gay couples who want to adopt. The Human Rights Campaign said Thursday that the governor is on the wrong side of history.

“I’m frankly surprised the governor would make that kind of comment,” said Rob Hill, state director of the Human Rights Campaign. “We know that attitudes are changing in Mississippi. More and more LGBT people are coming out. We know that one third, 3,500 same-sex couples are raiding children and doing it well.

Hill told News Mississippi that some gay couples are “gaming the system” to adopt.

“One parent moves out of the home so that the other parent can adopt as a single adult. One parent has legal custody and the other parent has no legal rights to that child, no custody rights.”

Hill said that the law should be allowed to fade away.

“We call on Attorney General Jim Hood to come down on the right side of history — don’t defend the ban, allow it to become another discarded artifact of discrimination.”


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