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Grab the Tissues, Spring and Pollen Just Around the Corner

JACKSON, Miss– Springtime brings new flowers, sunny skies, and that yellow dusting of allergy-aggravation called pollen. News Mississippi spoke with an allergist to find out how to get a head start on fighting the allergies before they kick in for the season. 

“Even if your symptoms are not at their worst,” says Allergist Dr. Daniel Vanarske, “if your doctor has prescribed you a recommended allergy medication, you can start taking those now, two weeks before the season amps up.”

Dr. Vanarske says the nasal sprays in particular are the ones to start early and that the pills, while they work, don’t have to be started earlier in order to work.  If you’ve never gotten a prescription, over the counter drugs are fine, says Dr. Vanarske.

“Those are the antihistamines,” says Dr. Vanarske, “they work fine for most patients.”

But if that does not work for you, then it could be time to see the doctor. Dr. Vanarske says if medication does not alleviate your symptoms, talk to your doctor about allergy testing.

Dr. Vanarske says there are a few things you can do to distance yourself from pollen.

“Close your windows and doors to your house and car. Some people see benefit in wearing a mask if you work outside,” Dr. Vanarske adds, “but that may be a little cumbersome in Mississippi.”

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