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Help Find Me, All in for Myra Lewis

JACKSON, Miss. — The family of Myra Lewis is getting more help searching for their missing toddler from the Find Me Group, which is a group of retired law enforcement officers.  “We actually assigned her case today,” explained founder Kelly Synder in a Friday interview from Arizona with this News Mississippi reporter.

The first step in Fine Me’s method is to pinpoint Myra’s whereabouts with the help of over 150 psychics.  “We use the psychics predominately to literally give us their version of what happened in this situation.  In Myra’s case, what happened the day she disappeared?”  Each psychic, Synder said will be provided a picture of the toddler, and told what date she disappeared and the last place she was seen.  “And then I ask them to tell me what are the circumstances surrounding her disappearance, and where is she currently located; and the condition, whether she is deceased or alive.  Then it boils down to trying to deal with as many similarities as I can and that dictates the truth.”

Synder said the psychics’ findings will be analyzed and made available to Madison County deputies in the next 7-9 days.  “And then it’s basically up to police, we don’t do anything without their involvement.  We offer any other additional services they require or request. If they don’t want anything else, we move on to the next case.”

If Madison County deputies ask for additional help, the Find Me Group said their search dogs, airplanes, pilots and writing experts are among the tools that could be brought to Mississippi to use in the search for Myra. There would be no costs to her family or law enforcement.

Synder, who is a retired law enforcement officer and former volunteer with the National Center for Missing and Exploited children, founded the Find Me Group 12 years ago.  Since that time, he said they have successfully located 59 people who had been reported missing.

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