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High Marks for Mississippi’s Preparedness from the CDC

ATLANTA, Ga.–Your state might be better prepared to handle a public health emergency, according to an evaluation by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), a federal agency based in Atlanta.

According to a news release from the Miss. Dept. of Health, Mississippi got a high score on the three criteria that the CDC recently tested: public health laboratory testing, emergency operations coordination, and emergency public information and warning.

The agency was testing Mississippi after they provided over $6 million in federal grants (the CDC’s Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP) grant) over the last three years.

The takeaway for you is that Mississippi scored well and could be better ready for a public health disaster, should it happen.

In all three tested areas, Mississippi scored well above the target, said the news release. Some examples include:

  • Public health staff with lead response roles took no longer than 11 minutes to report for immediate duty during a timed response. The target was 60 minutes.
  • At least 94 percent of E. coli-positive lab tests were analyzed and entered into the CDC’s database within four working days. The target was 90 percent.
  • The State Technical Assistance Review scores were at least 99 out of a 100-point scale. This score is tied to the state’s ability to receive and distribute life-saving medications or vaccines.

“The Mississippi State Department of Health works to safeguard our state and communities from public health threats and ensure that the scale, timing, or unpredictability of a threat doesn’t overwhelm our systems and capabilities,” said Jim Craig, Mississippi State Department of Health Director of Health Protection.

“Measuring our preparedness efforts is essential for us to gauge improvements, identify gaps, and foster accountability. We’re pleased with this particular snapshot, but there is always work to be done,” said Craig.

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