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Highway Bill in DC: Why Mississippi Needs It, and What It Does to Your Wallet

JACKSON, MISS– State lawmakers in the nation’s capital are talking about a highway bill to help Mississippi fix some pretty busted roads. But what does that have to do with you? 

“There’s a $2 billion dollar budget to fix roads, highways and bridges,” says state Senator Robert Johnson, chairperson of the Transportation Committee, “state funds pay half, and the rest is from the federal government.”

Johnson says there’s a 50/50 split between in the budget to fix Mississippi’s roads, and that on the state level, money is running out.

“Twenty-eight percent of Mississippi roads are impassable,” says Johnson, “Mississippi does have great roads, but money is running out to keep them maintained.”

Johnson says that the federal money to fix the roads isn’t just about upkeep, but about an economic boost brought about by saving the taxpayers money.

“Each year, individuals spend about $750 extra on their vehicle due to bad roads,” says Johnson, “that’s between repairs, upkeep, gas, and the time traveled on those roads. For every dollar put into the state’s roads, that’s three dollars back into your pocket. And that’s a study that’s been done.”

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