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The Home Depot Security Breach: Debit Cards Being Canceled in Mississippi

JACKSON, Miss.–If you shopped at Home Depot this summer, you may be getting a letter that your debit card is being canceled. A security breach means that thousands of credit and debit card users’ information may have gotten into the wrong hands.

Customers of some banks were getting letters this week saying that the customers would get a new debit card withing seven business days.

“To better protect you from unauthorized transactions, we are taking the proactive step of reissuing your _____ debit card under a new card number,” read one letter.

The bank said if you get a letter like this, and you have merchant preauthorization, in other words, if you’re paying some of your bills with an automatic debit, you should contact them immediately to inform them and change your debit info.

The banks are also saying that you should look closely at your bank statement to make sure that nothing shady is going on with your account.

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