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Jackson Councilman Under Heat for Comments: Press Conference Fans the Flames

JACKSON, MISS– Jackson Councilman Kenneth Stokes says if police cross their lines of jurisdiction into the Capital city for police chases, then the answer to the problem is throwing “rocks, bottles, and bricks.” 

That statement was made after a police chase Christmas week led Richland police chasing a robbery suspect into a Jackson neighborhood, reports WJTV.

Stokes’ comments have received flack from sheriffs across the state. Meanwhile officials with the city of Jackson are saying that the comments don’t reflect the view of the city, and that the main goal for all is safety for citizens.

Stokes says his comments are protected by the Constitution. Many have called on Attorney General Jim Hood to investigate the legality of the statements.

The Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department released a statement on Facebook saying they would not be conducting business in the city because of what Stokes said. After a Sunday press conference, Stokes called Rankin County Sheriff Bryan Bailey “a dumb bastard.”

Bailey responds by telling WJTV that he could say “yo mama,” but instead he’s focusing on the safety of the people of Rankin County.

Madison County Sheriff Randy Tucker told reporters that he he believed Stokes should be prosecuted for his comments encouraging people to help criminals by stopping police officers. After his statements he posted on his Facebook page that he had been in touch with the Attorney Generals office and had filled a formal complaint with them that criminal charges be brought against Stokes for his words.

Jackson Police Chief Lee Vance has also spoken out saying that he disagrees with any violence toward officers, however, he does agree that police from other jurisdictions should not pursue high speed chases withing the city limits. Vance says that these chases can destroy property and lives of residents.

News Mississippi will continue to update this story as more develops.

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