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Keep an extra eye on your kids during Jackson water outage

The Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services has recommended parents keep an extra eye on their children if they’re storing water during the Jackson water outage. 

Jacksonians who stockpiled for the shut off are being encouraged to protect their young children from accidental injuries or drowning. The MDCPS said that while the 5-gallon bucket full of water is great for the shortage, it could be hazardous to your child’s health.

Child protection specialists are urging Jackson parents to make sure those large containers filled with water are far out of the child’s reach. Also, make sure to lock the door to your bathroom if the bathtub is full.

“Children love water. When a child sees a bucket of water, it is an instant attraction,” said Tracy Malone, deputy commissioner for child welfare for the Mississippi Department of Child Protection Services.”Unfortunately, toddlers are top heavy. If a toddler reaches into a bucket to touch water, it is very easy for the child to tip right in headfirst. The child will never get back out.”

About 20 kids die in the U.S. every year because they drown in buckets. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has issues a warning to consumers that 5-gallon buckets are a serious threat to toddlers.

Safety tips: 

  • NEVER leave a bucket of water in your house were small children can reach it. Even something as simple as answering a door or using the restroom can leave a window of time long enough for a child to drown.
  • ALWAYS keep doors to bathrooms and laundry rooms closed and either locked or blocked to prevent children from entering, especially if the tub has water in it.

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