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Keeping Crooks in Prison Longer and Your Gun Rights: A Couple of Bills in the Miss. Legislature

JACKSON, Miss.–If you’re interested in seeing violent offenders having to serve their sentences with fewer privileges and if you’re interested in gun rights, you should be aware of a couple of bills in the Mississippi House.

The House Judiciary B Committee met to discuss some potential bills from the Corrections and Criminal Justice Task Force, a 21-member, non-partisan group looking to reform some of the state’s practices.

Several different reforms are on the table: institute true minimums for time served; eliminate the ability of The Department of Corrections to release offenders early to House Arrest, leaving the decision to the sentencing judge; clarify what constitutes a violent crime; streamline Mississippi’s parole system requiring every offender to develop a case plan with the assistance of the Parole Board; and enhance and standardize victim notification regarding an offender’s release. Additional reforms include changes to drug sentencing laws and property crime. The measure passed out of both the House Judiciary B.

Another Bill (HB 63) prevents people twice convicted of violent crimes from becoming trustees or getting certain allowances in prison.

Yet another bill (HB 926) would restrict the Dept. of Corrections use of full body scanners on people who are there to visit inmates. It would allow the scanners only if there was a reasonable suspicion of contraband.

As far as Second Amendment rights, House Bill 485 (HB485) deals with the gun buy-back program. This measure says that public entities do not need to be in the business of using municipal or public funds for the purpose of gun buy-back programs. If they participate in such activities, other funds must be used, and a federally licensed firearm dealer must be offered the sale first. Proceeds from the transaction can revert back to the general operating fund of the county. If no bids are received, they can destroy the gun. House Bill 705 (HB705) ensures that in times of distress, a person’s gun(s) may not be confiscated from them if they are in lawful possession.  House Bill 764 (HB764) allows disabled veterans to receive discounts on conceal carry permits. Enactment of this measure would grant them exemption from the cost of a conceal carry permit and its renewal cost. This also applies to current law enforcement.

Committee meetings are expected to continue Friday, Monday and Tuesday 

Source: Miss. House Weekly Summary

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