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Keeping Your Kids Safe at Home: Locking Up Meds, Chemicals, Guns

TUPELO, Miss– Keeping the kids safe is a thought that is in the back of every parent’s mind. News Mississippi wants to help child-proof your home. 

Guns, meds, and household cleaners. Pretty common in most homes, but still big threats to your little ones.

“We look for guns locked in a gun cabinet, the key in one room, and the ammunition in the other,” says Victoria Kilpatrick from New Beginnings Family Services in Tupelo. The company helps with the home study process for foster care and adoption. Kilpatrick says having the guns locked up with the key and ammunition separated reduces the risk that a child could unlock the case, get the gun, and accidentally cause harm.

But guns aren’t the only thing that need to be locked up, according to Kilpatrick.

“Meds need to be either up high, away from the child’s reach,” says Kilpatrick, “some families use a lockbox to store medications.”

The same goes for household cleaners. Traditionally the harsh chemicals are kept underneath the sink, where it’s easier for a wandering toddler to get their hands on them.

“We urge parents to move household chemicals to a high shelf, in a washroom or closet,” says Kilpatrick, “that way children don’t have access to the chemicals.”

For other tips on keeping your children safe at home, see News Mississippi’s article on child-proofing windows and doors by clicking here.

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