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Kemper agrees to stop lignite coal production at plant

photo courtesy of kemper

After receiving another request for extension from the Kemper County Plant the Mississippi Public Service Commission requested that the plant end it’s lignite coal gasification and only running off of natural gas. 

Kemper has now agreed to immediately suspend the lignite coal production and only function as a natural gas plant.

The Public Service Commission also moved for a settlement that would, at a minimum, result in no rate increase to customers and shield customers from any risks surrounding the lignite coal portion of the plant.

“Our resolution has three things that we feel strongly about, that the plant be revised as a natural gas plant, and that there be no rate increases for customers whatsoever, and that they not be on the hook for any of the costs related to the lignite coal portion of the plant,” said Public Service Commissioner Brandon Presley.

Settlement agreements have not reached an end. The Public Service Commission plans to discuss the matter again in their July 6 meeting.

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